“An answered prayer”

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LONE GROVE, Okla. -- The American dream will soon become reality for seven Texoma families. They're about to be homeowners, thanks to the Southern Oklahoma Development Authority.

The new homes are being built in Lone Grove, and we caught up with one mother who says she can’t wait to finally have a place to call home for her two daughters.

"It was an answer to a prayer actually," says single mother Christy Henry

A single mother of two, Henry can finally say goodbye to renting. She will soon live in her own three bedroom brick home thanks to the Southern Oklahoma Development Association's Self Help Housing program.

"Never in a million years thought would I be able to buy a home let alone build a brand new one and provide my children a better life."

"We’re building good quality homes, and we’re getting them started in a home which they wouldn’t have opportunity to have," says Eddie Skinner, SODA supervisor.

The U.S. Department Of Agriculture/Rural Development, along with S.O.D.A., are able to reduce house payments, making homeownership affordable for each family's income.

"With me being a single mother, of course I don’t have a whole lot of extra income, and it’s afforded me the opportunity for the American dream." said Henry.

Henry's house is one of the seven that are being built in Lone Grove.

As part of the program, families help with construction, and for Henry’s daughters it’s worth putting in blood, sweat, and tears.

"To see their eyes light up when they say it for the first time. It brought tears to my eyes because they were so excited. This is what it’s all about."

As Christy stands in her soon to be new kitchen, she says her prayers have been answered

"It’s an answer to a prayer for me and my girls."

Some of the monthly payments could be as low as $350 a month. The homes are set to be completed around December, a great Christmas present for all the families.

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