Lake Texoma Rising Again

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The waters on Lake Texoma are on the rise again due to all the rain in Oklahoma over the past week. Officials say that’s not good news for those planning on heading out there for Labor Day weekend.

Since the lake crested at 641 feet back in mid July, levels have dropped over 17 feet. Now, officials say the waters won’t stay there, putting a damper on clean-up efforts scheduled to take place this weekend.

"We are not canceling we are just rescheduling."

Durant Chamber of Commerce president Janet Reed was looking forward to joining a large group of volunteers at the lake this weekend to get it ready for Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, that won't happen yet.

"With the lake rising that they were anticipating that some of the areas that we were scheduled to work in we were not going to be able to get to," said Reed.

And officials say work on Lake Texoma is desperately needed.

"We have had a lot of damage that we haven’t been able to repair yet. It’s still soggy, muddy and nasty. A lot of work still needs to be done, so it’s not as far as we had hoped to be for labor day weekend," said Lake Texoma Manager Ron Jordan.

Most marinas and campsites around the area have sustained severe damage...everything from electrical problems to ruined campsite tables and grills. Two things that is necessary for anyone wanting to enjoy the holiday.

"The grills that are at each one of the campsites their going to have to be literally scraped down in order to have food put on the grill," said Reed.

Thanks to heavy rain in Central Oklahoma, lake officials say the lake is expected to rise about a foot in the next couple of days, submerging already damaged campgrounds and marinas. Durant chamber officials hope the waters go down quicker in order to help an already faltering summer economy.

"This summer our retail merchants have seen a decrease in revenues due to the flooding and the closing of the campsites on the lake," said Reed.

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