Highway 199 expansion

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DICKSON, Okla - ODOT officials are set to begin work on a Highway 199 expansion project in Carter County. State officials have already started to acquire property for the project.

“Areas where they have acquired additional right of way to build the road once they determine that they send out right of way agents to do appraisals on the property they contact the property owners," says Mark Zishka with ODOT.

ODOT crews plan to build two additional lanes with a center turn lane. Some residents have mixed reactions to the construction. One man who will have to relocate says he has happy so far with the compensation he received.

"They brought me a letter saying they would give me so much to move out and you know i rent so that would be nice to put a down payment on a place which is alright with me," says Shawn Thogmartin.

Drivers will benefit from the highway expansion by because there will be more space for motorists. This is significant since Highway 199 has a well documented history of serious accidents, ODOT engineers say.

"We’re making a 5 lane which has a center turn lane which should reduce greatly reduce the possibility of head on collisions which have been a major problem," Mark Zishka with ODOT says.

The first phase of the project is set to begin in April of 2009. The $11 million project should take about a year to complete.

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