Family Speaks Out About Mother's Murder

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Gene Purser say his mother was a talented loving person who wouldn’t harm a soul. For two months he says its been very difficult for him and his family, now for the first time he’s speaking out.

"I actually came home from a weeks vacation spent the week at the lake working on the boat trying to sell it at that time." Gene Purser is the eldest son of 53-year old Pamela Purser. After trying to call his mother on June 17, 2007, and was unable to reach her, he began to worry. But what happened next, will haunt him forever. “Her car was here. It was raining. I figured something was wrong and when I came in the house, I found her."

Two months have passed and investigators still don’t have a lot to work with; much less a lead. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations is still waiting for the results of forensic evidence found at the crime scene. Since authorities found no signs of forced entry, Purser is hoping forensics can provide a clue to what he calls a senseless crime. “Maybe some hair or clothing fibers something maybe something that they can at least go on and get more. But I don’t know."

Purser’s 2-year-old was inside the house when the crime happened. He is doing fine.

Since the Pamela's murder, his father has decided to find a job closer to home so he can be with his son at all times. “Can spend more time with him now; because my mother is gone its just hard. I want to be home with him now."

Even though Purser says the process is painfully slow; he and his family is taking it one day at a time.

Purser is asking anyone who knows anything at all about the crime to contact the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.

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