School Lunch More Expensive

8-19-04 – School lunch prices are on the rise. Several Texoma school districts are increasing the prices to cover the soaring costs of milk, gas, and employee benefits.

The price of milk and a hot lunch in many school districts across the nation is going up anywhere from a nickel to one dollar.

In Denison, schools are charging more for an extra carton of milk, but their hot lunch price remains unchanged from last year. Sherman school officials had to raise the lunch prices by a quarter for the first time in ten years. Durant students have also seen an increase lunch prices.

Several factors are affecting the increase. The price of milk has soared 27% from a year ago, fresh fruit and vegetable are more expensive and Hurricane Charley destroyed much of Florida's orange crop. That may raise the price of orange juice for school breakfast.

Higher fuel prices have driven up transportation costs and school districts must find funds to pay for more employee medical benefits.

The prices do not affect low income children who qualify for free lunches.