Safe Family: The ABC's of safety

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Your kids are back in school now, but that doesn't mean the safety talk needs to stop. In fact, as they head back, it's probably time to step up safety measures.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging parents to put safety at the top of the list. Look for those "hidden" hazards on the playground and field. Here are the ABC's of safety you can easily remember:

A: Always wear the right helmet for the activity. It can reduce the risk of a head injury by as much as 85 percent.

B: Be safe on the playground and on the soccer field. More than 200,000 children each year visit the hospital emergency room due to injuries from the playground.

C: Care with Clothing and art materials. Don't buy jackets or sweatshirts, or any upper outerwear, if they have hood or neck strings. Drawstrings pose a problem
because they can get caught on playground equipment.

Visit the safety list for Back to School Safety at the link below.

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