Cub Scout kickoff

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HOWE, Tex. --Elementary school kids flocked to their cafeterias all across Grayson County to sign up for Cub Scouts. Cubmasters talked about camping trips, archery lessons, and other activities for the boys.

The pack in Howe went to space camp at the Johnson Space Center. Parents attending tonight say their kids couldn’t wait for scouting.

Abbie Gregg’s two children both looked forward to signing up. Her 6-year-old son was too young last year, but couldn’t wait Thursday night.

"Tonight he knew it was scouting night and he just finished soccer practice as a matter of fact and came here and was like, ‘I get to join scouts today, I get to be a scout.’ So he's very excited about it," Gregg says.

Denison plans to hold their 'Scout Night' September 11th.

It’s not too late for other Grayson county kids: log onto: for more information

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