When seconds count

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SHERMAN, Tex. --Sherman police are using a new tool to help in emergencies, specific to cell phones. They say since most people have cell phones this software is especially helpful to find a person's location when seconds count.

The new system went into effect Thursday. When a person calls 911 on their cell phone inside Sherman city limits, the program lists the person's cell provider, the tower that transmits the call, and the longitude and latitude.

The coordinates give police a three mile radius to find the person's location. In the past phone calls from cell phones went straight to the county dispatch. Police say the new system helps authorities to narrow down a cell phone caller's location.

"We've had situations come up where people didn't know where they were, they couldn't give us any legitimate landmarks, so hopefully this will help us locate them and provide police assistance in a quicker manner," says Sgt. Bruce Dawsey, with the Sherman police.

Dawsey says the system updates every time the call changes cell phone towers. This way they can track someone if they are on the move.

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