Sulphur hosts summer camp for hard of hearing kids

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SULPHUR, OK - Learning to read can be a hard skill for many kids to learn, but it's especially hard for students who are hard of hearing. Now a Murray County summer camp is showing students to read outside of the traditional classroom.

Painting, acting, and playing outside - for many kids these are common summer camp activities, but for hearing impaired students even the most common task can be a challenge.

"With deaf kids its really hard you can't hear the sounds reading is a real struggle for all of our kids for any deaf or hard of hearing child," teacher Lisa Fields says.

This is the fifth year the Oklahoma School for the Deaf has hosted its summer reading camp, designed to help hard of hearing or deaf students improve on their reading skills while also having fun.

Parent Hope Harmen says the camp not only focuses on reading, but also teaches students social skills they sometimes miss out on.

"From the school we're at or the community we live in there are hardly any hard of hearing or deaf, and for her to come here and socialize with friends that have the same struggles as she has, it's important," Harmen says.

Twenty elementary students from across Oklahoma are attending this week's three day camp. Camper Harley Ledford says the camp is not only teaching her how to read, but also gives her a chance to visit with other students like herself.

"My favorite part is where we play games and cooking and having fun and meeting friends," Harley says.

Fields says while the students are only at the camp for a short time they hope the students walk away with more than just reading skills.

"We want them to be well-rounded individuals, and we want them to play a good part in society in their future, and you can tell by the looks on their faces that we're doing a pretty good job of that."

If you missed this year's camp Fields says any hearing impaired or deaf student is eligible to apply for next year's program. You can find all the information on the OSD's website at the link below.

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