Lunch Crowd Solution at SISD

8-30-04 - A controversy over an extended, but crowded, lunch period at Sherman high school has been settled. School administrators decided Monday morning to switch to a new plan that will still accommodate the one-hour period.

Students and parents expressed concern when school started in early August. The previous lunch period of three 30-minute shifts had changed to all students eating within one hour. School leaders said it would allow students to have class and extracurricular meetings at the same time.

But problems arose as 1,700 students filed through a lunchroom made for 700. The fire marshal stepped in and cited several instances of fire hazards; including students with no place to sit blocking entrances and exits.

The new plan stays with a one-hour lunch; where half the students spend 30 minutes in the lunchroom while the other half attend meetings in the library, classrooms or study hall. They'll swap places after a half hour, giving students equal time to eat and participate in other duties.