Building Collapse - Preventing Disaster in Ardmore

8-30-04 - The collapse of a downtown building in Ardmore this weekend is raising new concerns about the safety of some of the city's older structures.

Today, crews were still cleaning up the rubble left over from the collapse of the 100 year old building at the intersection of East Main and “A” Street Northeast.

City leaders say the problem that surfaced Saturday is a result of some owners buying old buildings, then not maintaining them. Buildings with leaking roofs are sometimes the culprit, allowing water to erode the wood and foundation.

Downtown owner Penny Wells says that’s not the case for her. She began a renovation of the 100-year-old Carter-Booker building on North Washington in 1994, and sees no reason why the old buildings can't be preserved and maintained.

For now, city officials say they don't believe there are any other buildings in immediate danger of collapse, but that many times, it's hard to tell until it's too late. They will examine buildings in the area for structural flaws.