Future in Doubt - Layoffs at Con Agra

8-30-04 - Downsizing could spell the end for one of Sherman’s oldest industries. 20 employees of Con Agra in Sherman were laid off Friday, part of multiple layoffs this summer.

That leaves just 16 employees on the line – compared to more than 100 in 1984.

The flourmill employees say they’ve seen it coming. The company eliminated all of their flour packing positions; replacing them with an automated factory that opened in Saginaw, Texas. Like many industries, it’s found a way for machines to do jobs that used to belong to skilled workers.

Con Agra representatives in Omaha, Nebraska say the Sherman plant will remain open with just 16 employees. They cited old equipment at the plant ad the efficiency of the more modern machines in Saginaw as the reason for the layoffs.