Video released of Paris arrest incident

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PARIS, TX -- The video released this week by the Paris Police Department shows officers conducting an arrest during a tense situation. That video led the chief of police to order an internal investigation, and eventually a short suspension for the officer involved.

Dash cam video shot on November 10th shows a Paris Police Cruiser coming to aide a fellow officer in making an arrest.

Police Chief Bob Hundley says some of the action caught on tape that day needed to be investigated. "This is just one of those situations where the emotions of the situation got out of line,” he said.

In the video, a man is seen being thrown on the hood of the car. That man is 18-year-old Cornelius Gill.

"I guess he got aggravated with me and just slammed me on the car and was yanking on me,” said Gill.

Gill was taken to the hospital, but wasn't seriously injured, before he was taken to jail for disorderly conduct.

"It really hurt. I couldn’t breathe and I just couldn't believe he would do somebody like that," said Gill.

The officer involved, Officer Jeremy Massey, was suspended for two days without pay after an internal investigation, and Chief Hundley says that his department takes allegations of police abuse very seriously.

"We are going to look at everything that comes up to see if there is anything there or not. In this case there was, and that is my call and my decision that this is what we should be doing and that is why we responded the way we did,” said Hundley.

That response has left Cornelius Gill with mixed emotions. "I am glad that something happened to him, but I feel that more needs to happen for this," he said.

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