Oklahoma Escapee Captured

9-05-04 - An Atoka prison escapee was taken into custody at the Crescent Creek Apartments in Durant Sunday afternoon after two days on the run. Audrey Himes asked a resident at the apartments for a glass of water. The man recognized him and called police.

Gregory Miller is a former reserve police officer, so when Himes asked for a glass of water, Miller took him inside his apartment and kept him calm until police arrived.

But authorities were already on the lookout for Himes. A Durant man reported seeing the prisoner run out of a wooded area in the city early Sunday afternoon. Police set up a peremiter near Main and 9th Streets and the canines picked up Himes' scent.

The capture was a relief for Troopers, who have been searching for Himes for two days, since he led officials on a high-speed chase Friday that injured three Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troopers.

Himes and another inmate, William Burton escaped from the McLeod Correctional Facility in Atoka just after noon Friday. They carjacked a woman and headed south to Durant. Burton was arrested after the chase ended with a crash, but Himes was able to elude authorities.

The are still investigating where he has been hiding since Friday. Himes could face additional charges for carjacking and evading police.
Sunday night, Himes is in the Bryan County jail.