AAA: Prices at the pump could keep dropping

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SHERMAN, TX-Millions of Americans are hitting the roads to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones and if you're one of them, there's good news . This year, your trip might cost you less.

Thousands of drivers rushed to the Sherman Exxon Wednesday to gas up at $2.96 cents a gallon, drivers like Janie Goins said this is a deal compared to just months ago.

"They were pretty high back then and it would be nice for them to come back down," she said.

Lesley Martin was driving from Oklahoma City and said while gas prices are lower north of the Red River, she considered anything around $3 a gallon reasonable.

"They're a little higher here but overall it's not too bad compared to years past, I feel like," she said.

"Gas are prices are looking good. We've all received pre-Thanksgiving presents here with lower prices throughout the country, certainly lower than a year ago."

AAA's Chuck Mai said the price drop is due in part to the U.S.' recent deal with Iran to limit its nuclear program. Iran is the world's fourth largest oil supplier.

"We've seen a cooling of tensions in the Middle East. In the recent news with Iran and their nuclear ambitions easing up those sanctions and this is encouraging for supply for oil worldwide," he said.

The national average is $3.96 a gallon, but it's $3.14 in Texas and $2.95 in Oklahoma. Mai believed the price at the pump will keep dropping.

"I really think prices will continue to drift lower as we approach the year end holidays. Everything really is in line for that to happen," he said.

That's good news for Martin, who will be crossing more state lines to see family this holiday season.

"That's great for us because we have family in both Texas and Missouri, so we're always travelling during the holidays so it's great to know the gas prices are gonna go down for us," she said.

And Goins, who said the money she saves will go to Christmas presents.

"It is nice I can spend my money somewhere else aside from fuel," she said.

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