AAA gives tips for driving in bitter cold temperatures

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ADA, OK -- These cold temperatures affect many things, including our vehicles, and AAA Oklahoma spokesman, Chuck Mai, says it could cause major damage.

"The cold will find the weakest link and exploit it, whether it's a bad tire, or a bad hose, or your battery," Mai said.

Mai says car batteries can lose up to 35 percent of their cranking power.

He says they need to be checked regularly and Stockton Transmission and Auto repair shop co-owner, Will Akers, agrees.

" If they don't have sufficient cranking amps, it could cause problems with your vehicles electrical system or problems trying to start your vehicle," Akers said.

He says checking tire pressure is also vital when the temperature plummets.

"Cold weather tends to deplete the pressure in the tires, so therefore you should check the pressure everyday," Akers said.

Along with flat tires and dead car batteries, Mai says the AAA also receives many calls regarding lockouts in these bitter cold temperatures.

On the lockouts, just be careful that you don't jump out of the car and hit that automatic car lock with the car running," Mai said. "Have an extra key."

Akers says maintaining your vehicle is very important, and minor problems should not be overlooked.

"If it tends to not start as quickly as it normally does, then you tend to have a battery issue," Akers said. "Also you need to make sure you watch the temperature gauge in your vehicle."

Akers recommends drivers check fluids and oil before heading out. He says if you don't know how to, some auto shops can do it for you free of charge.

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