ALDI opens store in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Dozens of shoppers stood in line Wednesday morning, anxiously waiting for the ribbon to be cut so they could get inside NATS and snag some bargains.

"The prices are terrific and everything is so easy," Dolores Bernhardt said.

Bernhardt and Diane Barton say before today, they would drive down to Plano to shop at ALDI, all because of the low prices.

"The price of the eggs.. The milk.. The butter and the cheese is just unbelievable," Barton said.

"$1.69 gallons of milk. Great items in produce: .99 cents for a pineapple today," ALDI Divisional Vice President Scott Hushka said.

The store's business model is unique and may not be for everyone, like renting a cart for a quarter. But customers, like Sandy Combs, appreciate the benefits.

"You have to bring your own grocery bags and they leave the groceries on palettes, but I like that because they spend their money on the items in the store and they don't have to pass all those extra charges along to you," Combs said.

One of ALDI's distribution centers is in Denton. Hushka says that's a special advantage for local shoppers.

"The product that's coming here is some of the freshest that you'll find in Sherman," Hushka said.

ALDI has only been in Texas for three years, but now has 55 stores in the region. This new Sherman store employs more than 20 people, some receiving benefits.

"Just this year alone, we've opened 15 stores in Texas and our plans are to open 25-30 stores annually in the state," Hushka said.

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