AMC casts for "Road Show" in Hugo

Special Photo Courtesy of Bertrand Guay/Big Apple Circus
Circus Clown Bello Nock makes his long–awaited return to the Big Apple Circus with his daredevil stunts and childlike humor. Bello and his fellow circus performers rolled into Stone Mountain Park this week.
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HUGO, OK -- Some aspiring TV stars showed up to a casting call in Hugo today. They're looking for their "big break" on a new AMC reality program called "Road Show." Steven Powell caught up with some of the contestants and brings us the story.

AMC is searching for big talent in small towns nationwide. It's the basis of the new series "Road Show." Many Hugo residents showed up looking for their big break, like this woman.

"We been signing since we were little kids. I heard about it, I'm trying to get seen and heard, and hopefully get some good news."

It's a closed curtain audition. The production company wouldn't let us film the acts or identify contestants. Casting producer Frazier Bain says that's the point of the show--the reveal.

"It's talented people you might not have otherwise heard of, all over the country. I wouldn't say small town, but off the beaten path," Bain said.

He says they chose Hugo because of it's reputation for entertainment.

"Circus city, USA? Of course we had to come find out what circus performers do in the off-season and what kind of fun they have."

The series features each town they visit in an hour-long episode. Bain says they'll narrow the pool into four finalists. The finalists work with hollywood talent coaches preparing for the final performance.

"We're interested in Hugo as much as we are in the performers who come out."

Chamber of Commerce president David Hinkle says the show is a great opportunity for his city.

"I'm hoping the next big, big star is associated with our region," Hinkle says.

He says Hugo has always been home to talent.

"Up until the 1970s, really, we had to rely on entertaining ourselves," said Hinkle.

Others, are just there for moral support.

"We've come to support our friend. You know, he's performing, doing a little act."

The top finalists will win cash prizes, though show officials wouldn't say how much. AMC says the show will premier in 2013.

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