One man taken to hospital after semi truck accident on Bryan County bridge

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- One man is in the hospital after hitting a semi-truck that caught on fire Thursday morning.

"It was kind of a freak deal," said semi-truck driver David Townsend.

Thursday morning, David Townsend was driving his semi truck truck on a delivery over the Bonham Bridge on Highway 78 between Bryan and Fannin Counties when he collided with a 2013 Dodge Challenger.

"I had just loaded up here north of the river, coming back home, met a car. He came over in my lane, head on, and that's the result back here," said Townsend.

The driver of the Dodge was flown to Plano Medical Center, reportedly in stable condition.

OHP trooper Kyle Ince says both drivers were fortunate to survive the crash.

"It could have been very bad, especially with the truck catching on fire. They're both very lucky," said Ince.

Ince says the Dodge was headed northbound and the semi was traveling south, when he believes the driver of the Dodge may have fallen asleep at the wheel.

"According to the driver, he says he thinks he may have fell asleep, crossed the center line and struck the semi truck." said Ince.

Traffic was diverted all afternoon so that an environmental cleanup company could come out to get the oil and diesel off the road and inspectors could check the bridge for structural safety.

Ince says there have been numerous accidents on the narrow bridge in the past and drivers need to be cautious.

"It is a narrow bridge. It is a dangerous bridge. When you're crossing it, you need to be paying attention. There's not a lot of room for error on here," said Ince.

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