Accident witness speaks with News 12 about helping save driver's life

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SHERMAN, TX -- A semi truck careened out of control off Highway 75 in Sherman Wednesday. It might have ended in tragedy if it weren't for the quick thinking witnesses.

Sherman first responders credit these witnesses with saving the truck drivers life. We spoke with one man who says he's no hero, he was just doing his job.

"Just helping people is what I love to do. Seeing that, there was no time to think, it was just go," Bryan Forth said.

Bryan Forth was about to pull into Tyson Foods when he says he saw this semi-truck leave Highway 75 southbound.

Sherman Sergeant D.M. Hampton says just after 3 p.m. the driver, 53-year-old Johnny Adkins of Ohio, barreled through a guard rail coming to a stop between the highway and the frontage road.

"Witnesses are telling us that the vehicle started kind of swerving back and forth. One of the witnesses actually backed away thinking something was going to happen," Hampton said.

Forth, an E-M-T, along with a few nurses and one doctor, watched the crash happen, and sprang into action.

Forth says he and another pulled the driver out of the cab of the truck.

"When we got there he didn't have a pulse, wasn't breathing. So, in turn that made us get him out quicker," he said.

Forth says they believed Adkins was having a heart attack. They gave him CPR and were able to revive him.

"Having them there probably saved this man's life," Hampton said. "Them being nurses and knowing what the situation was, they arrived and were able to perform CPR on him and able to get a pulse back, and he left here in an ambulance with a pulse and was taken to a local hospital."

Forth says he was lucky that he could help. He was just in the right place at the right time.

"You know, I was just doing my job. That's what I went to school for. That's what I've wanted to do. That's what I still want to do. I wouldn't change any of it," he said. "I'm just glad that we were all there at that time, and I hope the gentleman does fine when he gets out."

Adkins was last listed in stable condition.

The accident shut down Highway 75 for about three hours. The road is now clear.

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