Achille mayor plans to resign, more officers turn in badges

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ACHILLE, OK-Just days after the Achille Police Chief was fired, five police officers, including two captains, resigned Wednesday. Victoria Maranan was there as they turned in their badges that morning and were joined by yet another prominent figure who announced he's also stepping down.

Achille Mayor, Dean Collins told us Wednesday he will resign on Friday because he is frustrated of how the council handled city matters and he said former Police Chief Shane Guhl's termination was unfair.

"I do not agree with it, he was terminated wrongfully. Bottom line is, he shouldn't have been terminated," he said.

Achille Mayor Dean Collins said the way the city council fired former Police Chief Shane Guhl when Collins was out of town was outrageous.

"That's kinda selfish to me, you know, just inexperience and ignorance that's what's causing it right here," he said. "If I leave out of town and they hold meetings and fire cops, that's our income."

Collins said much of the city's revenue comes from the police department, helping the city pay the bills. He said the council's decision to fire Guhl led to his decision to quit.

"Well, we fought hard for two years to get the town out of debt and now we have no income to pay anything so all that fighting for nothing," he said.

"I'm sad that he's leaving, but I understand because everything that has been done so far, in my opinion, is unjust."

Former Achille Police Captain, Allen Golden, turned in his badge and keys Wednesday along five other officers. He also disagreed with Guhl's termination.

"I don't feel comfortable putting my time and possibly my life on the line for the city of Achille with people who don't understand the value of a good police force and, frankly, don't care that there's a good police force here," he said.

Collins said city councilors told him Guhl was fired because he spent too much money, but he said councilors have to sign off on the requests.

"Anything under $500 , he gets P.O. I approve it, another council member can approve it. Anything over $500, it goes before council and it gets voted on so he don't spend nothing without council saying it's good," he said.

"Chief Guhl was not spending the money himself, when he was turning in our purchase orders, they had to be signed off. So for them to say that he's spending all these money, it kinda contradicts themselves because somebody had to sign off on it," said Golden.

Golden said now that 6 officers are gone, he's concerned about residents' safety.

"I'm really concerned for the city of Achille, but the thing is, unless the citizens band together and vote and vote and vote and pick somebody that will listen to the citizens, they're gonna get the same results. This ain't our first rodeo," he said.

Mayor Collins said he will submit his resignation at the special meeting on Friday, that's also the date of Guhl's termination hearing. Achille's interim Chief, Russell Davis said his last day is Sunday.

Guhl said he cannot comment on the matter.

We'll keep following this story for you.

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