Achille police chief reinstated, Mayor won't resign

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ACHILLE, OK-Just Wednesday morning, five Achille police officers turned in their badges and the mayor announced his resignation all in connection with the firing of the police chief last Friday. But just hours ago, everything changed again.

Shane Guhl was fired last Friday, but Wednesday night, the council said he will be reinstated as Achille Police Chief effective immediately.

"I feel good about it. I mean, it's a positive thing. I've been here in Achille on and off in about 8 and a half years and I love the community, the people here. I enjoy serving," said Guhl.

Achille Police Chief, Shane Guhl, said he's happy to be back on duty Wednesday night. Guhl said he received a call about two hours ago from Mayor Dean Collins and was told that the vice-Mayor and city council decided to reinstate him.

Wednesday morning, five officers turned in their badges and Mayor Collins announced his resignation because they felt Guhl's firing was unfair. The Mayor told us the council claimed Guhl was spending too much money, that's why he was terminated Friday.

City Councilor, Billie Hughes said they decided to bring Guhl back because Achille couldn't afford to lose him and six other officers.

"We ironed it out with him and we really need the policemen here and you don't realize they will all step down when you get rid of the chief," she said.

"I'm glad. I'm happy because we're back to the direction we were headed. We'll have income coming in with paid bills, everything's better now than two hours ago," said Collins.

Three of the five officers who turned in their badges Wednesday, now plan to stay on the force. Mayor Collins said he no longer plans to resign Friday and will work more closely with city council members to figure out how to get Achille out of debt.

Guhl will be formally reinstated as chief at the city council meeting on Tuesday.

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