Ada Junior High School receives character award

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ADA, OK -- Ada Junior High School is being recognized across Oklahoma for their good character.

The school received the Excellence in Education Merit and Character Award Friday by the Professional Oklahoma Educator Foundation.

Ada Junior High’s character program, Cool Cougar Character, was given the foundation’s most prestigious award for demonstrating outstanding performance by focusing on character education within the school curriculum.

Principal Bryan Harwell said the program has been a positive impact on the school, and helped more students do the right thing.

“What we tried to do is create a program where our kids who were staying in class and doing what was right would get rewarded for that to try to get the students who were on the borderline to realize ‘Hey I could stay in class and I’m still going to be rewarded’,” said Principal Harwell.

The school also received a $2500 grant which will go towards the character program.

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