Ada city crews working to make sure roadways are safe

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ADA, OK -- Much of Ada received large amounts of snow and ice over the weekend, but Ada Emergency Management Director, Gene Linton, says the damage hasn't been that bad so far.

"We've had minimal effects," Linton said. "Yesterday our 911 calls were mainly minor fendor bendors and really all in all it was a pretty quiet day."

Linton says city crews began working Saturday afternoon, and they won't be stopping for the rest of the week.

"They'll be at it...looks like they'll be at it a lot for the next week," Linton said. "This is just the first of three rounds that we're looking at."

Linton says the division heads from various city departments have all met to discuss winter storm road plans each year, and so far all has gone well.

Resident, Roy Brown, agrees.

"They're keeping everyone pretty safe," Brown said. "They're patrolling the areas a lot. I've seen a lot of police in the area and they're putting some sand in the intersections and things like that, so I think they're doing a pretty good job."

Linton says if you need to get on the roads to use caution and slow down.

He says ice is the most dangerous of driving conditions.

"The main mistake I see when people drive on the roads is driving too fast, or if they hit a good stretch of the road they get confident when they get to a bridge or something like that," Linton said. "It's more than likely frozen over so when conditions are icy you need to drive on the road like all of it is."

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