Ada community comes together to plan for the future

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ADA, OK -- The city of Ada, Ada Chamber of Commerce and Ada Jobs Foundation are joining forces to start a project to build a better community for the future.

The project is called Take P.A.R.T., which stands for Planning Ada Right...Together, and it kicked off Thursday night with its first community meeting.

"If we could have it anyway we wanted it, how would we want Ada to be perceived, what do we want to be known for, and tonight is all about developing that vision," said Ada Area Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President, Sarah Jane Johnson.

" It's gonna create a vision, a road map, and a plan," said Ada City Manager, Cody Holcomb.

The first phase of the project is the visioning phase. The committee and residents will spend the next five meetings developing ideas and brainstorming the main goals for improving the city.

Topics range from housing and education, to parks and quality of living. Resident and President of Vision Bank in Ada, Steve Bagwell, has one issue on his mind that he hopes this new committee can address.

"Roads...we're the largest city in Oklahoma without 4 lane access and that's really important for the future when business and employers are looking to be able to get people in and out of town quickly," said Bagwell.

The project will cost $10,000 with the city paying just over $3,000 and the Chamber and Jobs Foundation picking up the rest.

"We want the community to be involved because we want the community to be behind this endeavor," said Pontotoc Technology Center Business and Industry Director, Jenny Cyphert. "And the more folks that we get their ideas. Two heads are better than one, well 100 folks are better than 10. And we don't want the same old people doing this. We want all walks of life and all citizens to participate. "

Once the first phase is complete, the next two phases will include designing a new logo and branding for the city.

The next meeting is set for May 23rd.

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