Ada firefighter hopes to be the next "American Ninja Warrior"

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ADA, OK -- Ada Firefighter Daniel Manuel loves a challenge and his next one? Applying for the chance to compete on American Ninja Warrior.

If you ask the people who know him, they would tell you Daniel Manuel is an active and competitive guy.

After dozens triathlons and other races, Manuel says he is ready for another competition.

The next one on his list...

American Ninja Warrior.

"Whenever I see something that I wanna do I'm usually good about following through with it," Manuel said. "My kids kinda gave me a lot of incentive to do it because we watch the show as a family, and they'd be like 'Dad you should do that,' so I wanted to show them that sometimes you see something and you go for it."

Manuel says he's already submitted an application and video to be considered to compete on the show.

Manuel trains and works out daily, and says he's grateful to have the health and strength he does now after suffering back injuries several years ago that forced him to use a walker.

He says he owes it all to his faith and positive attitude.

"I may not be able to dictate my circumstances, but my attitude is my choice and I say that life is temporary, and there is something beyond this that is greater and grander and I have peace in that," Manuel said.

Manuel's friends say they're not surprised to see him trying out for the show.

"He's always been athletic and always wanted to do like marathons and half marathons and that kind of stuff, so I guess you could say he's pretty much wired for this kind of competition," said Ada Firefighter and friend, Brent Bailey.

The deadline to apply for the show is February 14th, and if Manuel is chosen, he will compete in a regional qualifier before he can qualify for the finals in Las Vegas.

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