Ada police arrest suspected burglar after he calls 911 on himself

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ADA, OK -- Ada police say they got a 911 call about a burglary in progress from the suspected burglar Saturday.

Officers say 22-year-old Michael Garvin was found inside the Ada Family Eye Care just after 6 AM Saturday.

They say Garvin appeared to be unstable and did not remember much of what happened.

Police say when they arrived on scene Garvin threw a mirror at them and ran and hid in the attic until authorities found him.

They say he could not find his way out of the building.

Ada Police Officer Jeremy Farmer says, "Our initial thought was that he called 911 and maybe he broke in and couldn't find a way out and maybe he got scared and called 911. "

Officers say they also found a pair of keys on Garvin that belonged to a vehicle from a body shop nearby.

Garvin was arrested for second degree burglary and auto burglary.

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