Ada police enforce new insurance law

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ADA, OK -- According to the Oklahoma Insurance Department, over 560,000 drivers in the state are uninsured.

Starting this year, state officials hope to lower that number by implementing the Temporary Motorist Liability Plan.

"It gives local law enforcement the option to remove the tags," said Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner, John Doak. "The uninsured person, not at taxpayer's expense, can pay for a temporary insurance plan for up to 10 days."

Doak says uninsured drivers will be issued a ticket that will serve as their license plate until they can retreive their actual plate from the sheriff's office.

He says this new law will benefit all Oklahomans.

"If they're involved in an accident in the first 10 days, the other party will be able to collect insurance if it is not their fault," Doak said.

Ada Police Captain, Jason Potter, says drivers are written up daily for not having valid insurance coverage.

He says those fees can add up to more than $200 if drivers aren't insured.

"For the city of Ada it's $140, then there is a $125 fee that they'll have to pay the sheriff's department to get their license plate back plus the forced insurance is $10 a day with a $50 minimum.

Commissioner Doak says 24 percent of the state's drivers are uninsured, and he wants to see that number go down.

"If we can move that needle and get it in the positive direction, get that below 15 percent, down to 10 percent, and hopefully below five percent is a goal and will take time," Doak said.

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