Ada school bonds pass

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ADA, OK - Ada voters have approved the school district's Safe and Secure Schools initiative passing both propositions with more than 69 percent of the vote.

Superintendent Pat Harrison said more than $5 million of the bond will go toward building classrooms and music rooms on five campuses that would double as safe rooms.

"Built to accommodate obviously all of our staff and all of our students but be built to withstand 250 plus mile an hour winds at a category EF5," said Harrison.

An upgrade Harrison said will improve the current severe weather protections.

"We've got places that we tuck kids and places where we take kids in basements and things like that where we try to put kids in the event of severe weather but they're not FEMA rated safe rooms that we'd like to have," he said.

Parents we talked to say those safe rooms will give them peace of mind.

"These schools here, they've needed a lot of work since I went to school at them," said Joshua Black, parent of an Ada schools student. "And if it makes my son safer and makes his school environment better than I'm for it."

But the more than $16 million dollar bond will also pay for other upgrades. Nearly $4 million will go toward roof replacements, $2 million toward building renovations, less than a million toward athletic facility renovations, half a million for transportation and the rest for technology.

Harrison explained why they had to ask the public for the money.

"At one point in time, roofs, we could take care of ourselves. Busing, transportation needs, we could take care of ourselves, but because they've cut our funding so severely at the state level I have no other means to do that now except through a bond issue," Harrison said.

Taxpayers will now pay an extra .78 cents per month for every $100 paid in property tax.

"It will make the schools better for him whenever he's going so I'm all for it as well," said parent Shelley Black.