Ada firefighter and wife accused of setting fire to own home

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ADA, OK -- A former Ada firefighter and his wife, who've already been arrested for allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from their own family, are now charged with intentionally setting their home on fire. Sara Humphrey spoke with Ada investigators and brings us the latest on the story.

The day after Christmas, former Ada firefighter Jason Hamilton and his wife, Holly Hamilton's home in Fittstown burned completely to the ground. Pontotoc County officials say the fire was labelled as suspicious, but never fully investigated - until now.

"Through my investigation we found probable cause to charge each holly and jason with first degree arson," said Ada Fire Marshal Justin Priest.

Court documents show just two weeks before the fire, Holly Hamilton took out a $650,000 home insurance policy.

Priest wouldn't go into detail about the arson investigation but did confirm Jason has been let go from the Ada fire department.

"He was terminated as of yesterday," Priest said.

Earlier this week, the couple was arrested for stealing nearly $400,000 dollars from Holly's parents, Rick and Jennifer Campbell, who own National Live Stock Credit Corporation.

"Our investigation actually started back in march 2011, and we have a report from the Campbells that their accounts have been obviously tampered with," said Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian. "And of course in the meantime, while all this is going on, the Hamiltons had their house fire."

Christian credits a multi-jurisdictional task force - designed just for the Hamilton case - with helping charge both Holly and Jason Hamilton with first degree arson, false claim for insurance and conspiracy.

"The investigative officer here in our office has 3 binders that are each three inches thick, three to four inches thick, on information on this case. It is very detailed there is a lot of information."

Jason is now booked on a $100,000 dollar bond.
Holly's bond is set at $250,000 dollars.

"I think that they thought that these were crimes that they could possibly get away with and weren't trackable," said Christian.

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