Affordable Care Act concerns discussed at Ardmore's Legislative Luncheon

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ARDMORE, OK--Ardmore residents packed the convention center this morning for the last legislative luncheon of the season. The hot topic today the supreme court's ruling on the affordable care act.

Yesterday the supreme court upheld most of President Obama's "affordable care act".
the law's initial requirement requiring all Americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty was ruled constitutional as long as it's considered a tax.

"No one saw the idea of it being a tax coming" said Stucky.

Wes Stucky with the Ardmore chamber of commerce says Oklahoma lawmakers put off implementing parts of the federal health care law because they hoped it would be thrown out.

"Oklahoma apparently puts all its eggs in the basket of the Supreme court ruling against it and they placed a bet and they lost" said Stucky.

"We have to have a health care exchange established and operating by 2014 or the federal government will design one for us and implement it for us" Said Sen. Simpson.

Senator Frank Simpson was one of the key speakers at today's luncheon. He said it will be a challenge for the state to come up with an exchange program in time but it can be done.

"Obamacare requires that each state establish a health care exchange and what it is it is program by where you can go and look at the different insurance coverage's available through a network" Said Sen. Simpson.

"Unless something miraculous happens between now and January 1 and the state somehow puts together a plan the federal government will do it for us and anytime the federal government does something for us I have grave concern" said Stucky.

Legislators are hoping to develop a website that allows Oklahomans to search for insurance providers but it has not yet been created, they have until January 1st of 2014.