Alcohol and gaming machines seized from two Boswell businesses

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CHOCTAW COUNTY, OK-- Choctaw County Deputies seized over a dozen gaming machines from two Boswell businesses Thursday.

Sheriff Terry Park says it all started about two months ago after 94 guns were seized from a home just west of Boswell.

Park says after that, they obtained a warrant for Dixie Cafe and Bar for alcohol offenses, and with the help of the ABLE Commission, they seized numerous bottles of alcohol. Park says they got a second search warrant to confiscate six gaming machines from the same place.

They also confiscated eight more gaming machines and pawned items from Pierces Grocery Store.

"Under Sheriff Larry Hendrix is in the process of obtaining the paperwork for the warrants here to file local and to pick up a Boswell businessman," said Sheriff Terry Park.

They say the owner did not have a liquor or gaming license. So far no arrests have been made in the case.

The investigation is ongoing.