All-clear given after Bonham VA hospital bomb threat

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BONHAM, TX -- The Bonham VA hospital is now back open after a bomb threat this afternoon.

Hospital spokesperson, Deloris Clemons, said just after 1:00 p.m. someone called the hospital and said 'bomb, there are two shooters.'

VA police, Sheriff's deputies, Bonham police and DPS all responded and searched the hospital for more than an hour. The hospital was given the all-clear after a search came up with nothing.

Clemons says in her 30 years with the hospital, this is the first bomb threat but all employees were prepared.

"The empolyees know their area better than anyone. So, police walked through, but the employees know to go and look if there's a suspicious item, and of course police were looking for suspicious persons," Clemons said.

VA police are still investigating. Right now the caller is unknown.

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