An electrical malfunction is to blame for Sherman business fire

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SHERMAN,TX -- Fire officials have determined the cause into what started a fire that destroyed a Sherman business.

"I was scared, because this fire had been so big," said local business owner Juan Garcia.

A fire that engulfed a Sherman re-sale furniture store Wednesday and destroyed the building, was less than 12 feet away away from Juan Garcia's tire shop.

"12 foot is not far way; so that's why it made me scared, because it was too close," said Garcia.

Officials say if the fire had spread to the business next door it could have easily gotten out of control, because of all the tires inside.

Garcia has dozens of tires inside and around his building, along with several used cars that were all destroyed.

He says it's a $55,000 loss, but he's just glad that the damage wasn't worse.

"I got lucky; I got lucky," said Garcia.

Thursday, Sherman Fire Chief Jeff Jones says they were able to figure out what caused the fire at the furniture store.

"We determined there was in fact some electrical issues maybe some power supply that actually came into the building," said Chief Jeff Jones.

Jones says the fire marshal met with Oncor Thursday to find out why the power supply was faulty.

He says the large amount of furniture in the old building added to the intensity of the fire.

As for Garcia, he says he's grateful firefighters saved his building.

"I feel so good because nothing happened. I'm okay and my building's okay," said Garcia.

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