An exclusive first look in TMC's Breast Care Center

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DENISON, TX-Texoma Medical Center's new state of the art Breast Care Center opened its doors for the first time Thursday to provide Texomans the care they need to help fight breast cancer, before it even starts.

After a year working on the 4,000 square foot facility, the dream is now a reality.

"This is the only center of its kind in the region. We are really trying to offer the services that you would get in one of the bigger metroplex areas," said TMC Breast Care Associate Administrator, Jerrica George.

TMC opened the Breast Care Center Thursday so Texomans won't have to go very far to get breast cancer screening and the first stage of treatment.

Breast cancer survivor, Janis Fletcher said she's excited the facility is located close to home because travelling long distances can take a toll on a patient's recovery.

"I think a local resource is great because when you're going through chemo and radiation, it can be a physical challenge to have to travel for treatment," she said.

The new facility features a spa-like environment, hoping to ease any anxiety associated with getting a mammogram.

As patients walk into the Breast Care Center, they change into soft robes and relax in the gowned waiting area before they get their mammograms or ultrasound.

"I think the women in the community are really gonna enjoy coming here. There is a lot of angst associated with mammograms and the process and I think they're really gonna enjoy this and take a lot of the anxiety off."

Nurse Navigator, Brandy Blount helps patients walk through the screening process.

"I guide the patients through the process of testing. I'll coordinate their plan of care with the physicians, I'll help establish the guidelines in the center but also help refer them through the process," she said.

The facility also features two new mammography machines and offers stereotactic biopsy.

Fletcher hopes this new resource would encourage more men and women to get their mammograms regularly.

"The yearly screening, it saved my life. So it's wonderful," she said.

If you'd like to check the new facility out yourself, the TMC Breast Care Center will be holding an open house for the community August 15th. It's located right behind the hospital in Denison.

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