Anna PD hosts Child I.D. Fair

ANNA, TX - The city of Anna held their annual Child I.D. Fair Saturday morning to promote child safety.

Dozens of children got a free laminated I.D. card Saturday that includes their thumb print, picture and pertinent information required for the police to file a report for missing or abducted children.

The event was held at the Anna Police Department from 8 to noon.

One mother told us why she took her children to get an I.D.

"It helps families by giving them a sense of security, knowing that the police have something on file for their children. It definitely gives me a very sound peace of mind if anything were to happen," said Amber Hogan, a mother of two children.

Sergeant Jeff Caponera with the Anna police said the I.D. help in a lot of ways.

"In case one of their children becomes missing abducted or just happens to get off the bus at the wrong stop. By providing us with that identification card we can instantly know and get that out to all the media outlets and other first responders," said Caponera.

If you missed today's Child I.D. Fair, you can call the Anna Police Department to make an appointment.

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