Annual traffic report puts grayson roads in the rankings

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SHERMAN, TX-- Many people in Texoma think of traffic as a big city problem, but according to a newly released study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute it's not.

More than 20 roads in Grayson County made it on to the Congested Corridors Report.

David Schrank, one of the researchers and authors of the report, explains how they calculated congestion.

"We take traffic volume data, you know car counts, and we combine that with speed data," he said. "And when you put those two things together you can calculate things like delay."

The road with the most congestion may surprise you.

Sherman Resident Ernesto Ortiz said he believes the most congested road is Texoma Parkway.

"I think Texoma," he said. "That's what I think. Morton Street is very good I think, anytime of day you can drive back and forth."

He's close, but Texoma Parkway ranks second.

The honor goes to FM 120 from Highway 75 to US 69, a 2.8 mile stretch of road.

Nathan Hart, a Sherman resident said he is not at all surprised that FM 120 is the most congested.

"Absolutely not. No. I mean just look at it. I have a hard time just getting to McDonalds."

The road ranks 896 overall in the State of Texas for congestion, and 256 overall in truck congestion.

The report also calculated the annual cost of congestion for motorists. Taking into account money spent on gas, time spent waiting in traffic, and the cost of accidents...

All that adds up to about 3 million dollars a year.

"Wow, I mean I knew it was congested but I had no idea that it would take a hit like that on somebody's wallet," Hart said.

The report is not meant to scare motorists though says Bill Eisele, a senior research engineer for the A&M transportation institute, said.

It's only to inform the public.

"Before we can start to talk about solutions, and what we need to fix where, we need to better understand the problem," Eisele said.

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