Another suspicious fire in Sherwood Shores

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SHERWOOD SHORES, TX -- After another suspicious fire in Sherwood Shores Tuesday night, investigators say it's getting dangerous and they're asking residents to keep a sharp eye out.

Around 9:00 p.m. Christmas night, flames coming from this vacant building lit up the Sherwood Shores community. Firefighters say once again, this fire was no accident.

"Structures like that don't just catch on fire. Somebody did it," Kevin Walton said.

This fire brings the total number of suspicious fires in this area to six in just one week. Residents are on edge.

"Everyone is worried. It is the talk of the town. You know, we don't know what to do. We don't know who it is. It's just a real scary, scary situation," resident Cindy Beale said.

Cindy Beale lives right across the road from last night's fire. She called 911 then ran to her neighbor's house, waking him up, letting him know the flames were right next door.

"It's going to catch somebody else's house on fire and we're going to have a death," Beale said.

"Just like the other night when the winds were 40 miles per hour. Eventually, you know, it's going to catch somebody's house on fire and they're going to be home. So, it's becoming quite dangerous out here," Walton said.

Grayson County Fire Marshal, Kevin Walton, was already investigating the five other fires sparked last Thursday.

"I have some pretty good eyewitnesses that saw some things that my office is following those leads. So, hopefully they'll pan out," he said.

Investigators believe the suspect is familiar with the area.

"They're doing their homework. They know which structures are vacant. They're starting them in areas that, you know, that the streets aren't well traveled at night. This is off the beaten path in Sherwood Shores, not the main road. So, it's definitely somebody that knows what's going on in Sherwood Shores," Walton

Sherwood Shores residents are asked to keep an eye out for any unusual activity. If you have any information about these fires, contact the Grayson County Sheriff's office.

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