Ardmore Fire Department uses iPads to fight fires

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In the garage of the Ardmore Fire Department you'll find trucks, hoses, and now iPads.

Fire fighter James Turner said four new iPads are the latest tools for saving lives and property.

"They also have forms that basically let us know the layout of an area," said Turner.

Some of the buildings include the library, hospital and the schools.They show where firefighters can find water, and how they can best put out a blaze.

The city bought the iPads for about $600 a piece, a price some taxpayers are willing to pay.

"Well, I'd be willing to give anything to save a life," said Ardmore resident Jeffrey Keith. "And if it only cost an iPad then I think we're doing good."

Each iPad is assigned to a different truck. Crews also use them to keep up communication.

"It makes sure if there's any issues we pretty much let administration know instantly," Turner said.

And another benefit: they also help cut down paper work.

"I think it makes a lot of processes a lot easier around here," added Turner.

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