Ardmore Little Theater brings arts to schools

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ARDMORE, OK - It looks like a normal day at school in the classroom. But the kids are actually enrolled in Ardmore Little Theater's Community Education Outreach Program. Three days a week director Lucy Hicks teaches in two alternative education programs and said the arts could bring out the best in these students.

"They have the ability to awake passions inside of children that they didn't know existed before," said Hicks. "And typically what we find with alternative education students is they didn't have an outlet."

Students at Second Chance Academy said they're now getting that outlet.

"In this we actually get to be with people, talk, move around," said Second Chance Academy student Matt McLeaster.

They're making bold strokes through music, dance, visual art and even poetry.

"We get to express ourselves," said student Aasjaa Dobbs, whose also in the class. "I guess through poetry and the stuff that she teaches us and that we do in class."

And it's showing it in the classroom.

"They're being way more expressive in their writing," said Rene Kozar, a teacher at the Academy. "That has really helped a lot because of the poetry and stuff that they've worked on with Miss Lucy."

Ardmore Little Theater will offer arts education all year long and has partnered with HFV Wilson Community Center for after school and summer programs. Grants and donations are funding the program now, and ALT is accepting any contributions to keep it going.