Ardmore Valero Refinery given 2013 Chairman's Enviromental Award

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ARMDORE, OK -- An international company has recognized one of Ardmore's largest businesses.

The Ardmore Valero Refinery has won the the 2013 Chairman's Environmental Award and celebrated the honor Friday with a catered lunch for all their employees.

The corporation gives the award every year to the plant with the best safety, reliability and environmental performance.

The plant manager says they won the award because they've reduced environmental incidents by more than 50 percent over the last year.

After 101 years in Ardmore, refinery leaders say they're still working to help the environment.

Plant Manager Don Wilson said, "So there's a lot of issues to resolve over that 100 year period and we're working tor reduce our impact on the environment very aggressively here in the refinery."

Senator Frank Simpson and Representative Pat Ownbey also came to Ardmore to celebrate the award.