Ardmore elementary school starts new anti-bullying campaign

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ARDMORE, OK -- An Ardmore elementary school is taking a stand against bullying.

With the help of city and school leaders they announced a new initiative Monday that they say will have a community-wide impact.

Lincoln elementary school in Ardmore kicked off an anti-bullying program Monday afternoon to educate and encourage students to speak out on the issue and to stand up for themselves and fellow classmates.

Caleb Spencer, a 5th grader at Lincoln, said, "They were outside in the parking lot and I walk up to the guy and I told him to back off and that was kind of emotionally scarring seeing my brother, a first grader, being bullied by a fourth grade."

Spencer says when he saw his brother being bullied he knew something needed to be done.

Spencer said, "I felt bad for him that he was getting bullied and he wasn't telling anybody about it."

Ardmore Mayor Sheryll Ellis says establishing this program is not only important for the students but for the whole community.

Mayor Ellis said, "It's not only within the school but it also goes on in life after they graduate."

Superintendent Sonny Bates said, "We also see kids that struggle to come to school because they're being pushed, kicked, in someway abused by their fellow students and we want to take care of that"

Superintendent Bates says they hope the once-a-week anti bullying classes will eventually spread to other Ardmore schools.

Superintendent Bates said, "It's a model that we can actually implement starting here with lincoln and throughout the school system."

Spencer said, "i feel like it's really important that we're getting something like an entire program to help with kids that are getting bullied and to help prevent that."