Ardmore house fire leaves one woman dead

ARDMORE, OK - An 82-year-old woman was killed in a house fire in Ardmore tonight.

Crews were called to a the fire in the 200 block of 7th Avenue NW and said they initially thought it was abandoned.

But when they arrived firefighters said neighbors told them someone might be inside.

Firefighters said the woman died from smoke inhalation and that the fire was accidental.

But the shift commander at the scene said the fire and the death are still under investigation.

"We got a pretty rapid knock down of the fire and subsequently we did find a victim," said Scott Richards, shift commander. "At this point in time we're not sure what the cause is. Everything is pretty much in the preliminary stages right now."

The Ardmore Fire Department said one room had heavy heat damage and the rest of the house had smoke damage.

The woman's name hasn't been released.