Ardmore offers online bill pay for utilities

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If you've paid a water bill in Ardmore you might be used to coming to the water office or mailing a check.

But starting Friday at noon you can pay online, and most people we talked to agree:

"It's easier to pay online that going and buying envelopes and buying stamps," said Zachary Carroll, an Ardmore water customer. "It's just ease of convenience, you can sit down and get everything paid at one time."

"I will probably use the online payment," said Andrew Sears. "It'll be more convenient."

Sissy Burge is a customer service supervisor for the water department and explains how it will work.

"Once they get their monthly statement they can go on, register their account, and be able to pay their bill with a credit card online," said Burge.

The link will be on and to set up an account you'll need your account number, your last bill and of course your credit or debit card.

The city has paid $8,200 for the set up.City funds will also pay $7,400 a year to maintain the system and $1.25 per transaction.

Burge said that going the digital route can actually help save the city money.

"We're mailing 12,000 bills per month so it would definitely add up to substantial savings," she said.

And help save the environment.

"They can actually call us and we can cancel to where they don't even receive the bill every month," Burge said.

But you'll have to remember when your bill is due. The water department is working on an email billing system, but it won't be ready until August.

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