Ardmore reaches record retail sales

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$492 million dollars. That's how much was spent at Ardmore retailers through November of 2012. It's a $25 million dollar increase in sales from the prior year.

Brian Carter of the Ardmore Development Authority said it's a healthy economic sign.

"This is the first year of true growth and progress over our previous high which was 2008," Carter said.

The ADA uses 2008 as their benchmark at $468 million dollars. In 2009 sales slid about $34 million dollars and stayed that way in 2010 before increasing to record levels in 2012.

While the sales tax for jobs program and low unemployment helped fuel the growth,Carter said new businesses have played an important role.

"And across the city, not just in downtown you see a lot of entrepreneurs opening new businesses," he said. "So I think part of it has come from that entrepreneurial activity."

And for some of the entrepreneurs in the downtown area those numbers are holding true.

The Pocket Shop opened in 2011, and the owner is already seeing success.

"Last Christmas I'd only been open 3 months so this was a really big improvement," said owner Rachel Huggins.

And for the Edamame sushi bar the Ardmore population growth takes their business up a notch.

"Ardmore's kind of a small sleepy town but it's growing and I think that's very positive for mom-and-pop shops," said Becky Hartman, who makes sushi at the restaurant.

And $25 million more dollars in sales is also positive for a city with about 24,000 residents.

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