Ardmore residents wary of insurance offer

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People everywhere want to protect what's theirs with insurance. But some people in Ardmore are protecting themselves from an insurance offer they say might be bogus.

"And the more I thought about it, the more suspicious I got of it," said letter recipient Beverly Kemp.

Kemp received this letter from Home Serve USA on Saturday. It offers coverage for water line repairs and emergencies for about sixty dollars a year. Kemp said the price sounded good, but then she noticed other details about the letter.

"They don't have a fax number," said Kemp. "They have a P.O. Box instead of an address."

Kemp said she felt like the company was trying to take advantage of her. But when we asked if this is a scam, Home Serve Vice President Myles Meehan told us that that's not the case.

"Absolutely not," said Meehan. "Home serve is a pretty well known company around the country and we serve over a million homeowners."

Meehan also said an 800-number and a web address are on the letter for anyone to use. That information is not at the top of the letter with the company seal, but on the backside of the page.

But homeowners are still wondering whether they even need insurance for their water pipes. Susan Dobbins with the Oklahoma Insurance department says while the city maintains the water lines from the curb to water meter, it is the resident's responsibility for any repairs needed from the water meter into the house. She says to make sure you review your policy before buying any extra insurance.

"They may or may not be insured on this," Dobbins said. "They should check with their homeowner's policy to see if they're covered."

But covered or not, Kemp just wants to make sure people are informed.

"Think twice before they do something like this," said Kemp. "Check things out."