Ardmore restaurant coupon flier fake

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"Looking at it I thought it would be real," said Rachelle Langley, an Ardmore resident. "It looks like it would be."

That's what some Ardmoreites are saying about certain coupon flier. It turns out the deals on it aren't backed up by the four Ardmore area restaurants it features: Casa Romo, Fireside Dining, Braums and Hamburger Inn.

For one restaurant manager, the coupon isn't even worth the paper it's printed on.

"I think there really was only one that was made by somebody with a lot of creativity and time on their hands," said Daniel Romo, who manages Casa Romo in downtown Ardmore.

He said he found out about the coupons when a customer at Fireside Dining tried to use one this past Saturday, and the restaurant gave him a ring.

"And they called us and asked, 'hey are you guys doing this, participating in this?' And I said no, we never do anything like that," Romo said.

Another tip off is that the top of the flier says the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce and the Ardmore Jaycees are sponsors, but their website doesn't list a Jaycees chapter in Ardmore.

Romo said that no one has tried to use one of the fake coupons at his restaurant, but he wishes they would.

"So I can ask, where did you get this? I'm gonna drill you with twenty questions and get the cops over here to find out who did this," he said.

The Chamber said it filed a police report about the coupons and turned in a copy of the flier yesterday.