Ardmore shooting suspect also suspect in Johnston Co. homicide

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK -- Just before 7PM Thursday night, the Johnston County Sheriff's Office received a phone call that a woman and her two small children had been kidnapped, and a man had been shot inside his home here on Preston Road.

Sheriff Jon Smith says when authorities arrived they found 21-year-old Marcus Cole Holt deceased inside the home, and had been the victim of a violent act.

"Apparently succumbed to some violent injuries, and from there we later learned in our investigation that Ardmore had contacted an individual there, and engaged in gunfire with ATF agents, and he was driving the vehicle that was taken from this homicide site," Smith said.

Smith says the OSBI and his deputies are still investigating the cause of kidnapping and the homicide. He says the woman and two children kidnapped from their home just north of Tishomingo, were later released in Gene Autry.

He says they do believe Henry Jackson is the main suspect involved in Holt's death.

"Everything that we've determined from the investigation leads that way," Smith said. "As far as absolutely confirming, we still have some details that need to be verified before we can actually make that statement, but everything is point in that direction."

News12 did speak to the family of the kidnapping victim, but they declined to speak on camera.

They say Holt and the kidnapped victim were in a relationship, and did not know who Jackson was, or his relationship to the couple.

Smith says the woman and the two children are all safe. He says Holt's cause of death is still under investigation.

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