Ardmore holds city-wide tornado drill

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ARDMORE, OK--Hundreds of People in Ardmore braced themselves for a tornado earlier today, While the mock twister was just part of a drill it was meant to prepare them for the real thing.

17 sirens went off across Ardmore Thursday as part of a citywide tornado drill. Conducted by the Ardmore Department of Civil Emergency Management- it gave residents, school kids, AND even city employees the opportunity to practice their emergency plans.

"Businesses, I mean a lot of times people don't think about while you're at work what you're going to do and you know we have a perfect example two weeks ago in Norman a tornado went through at 4 o'clock in the afternoon when people were still at work so people need to know what to do at work also." said Amber Wilson Ardmore Emergency Management Director.

Diane Hall has worked at the Carter County commissioners office for four years she says she knows what to do and where to go if a tornado were to strike while she is at work.

"Once the sirens go off then we walk to the corridor and down to the basement, we have a basement here in this building Said Hall.

Hall said that most people have an emergency plan for when they are at home but said a tornado can happen at any time.

"I'm sure they don't think about things like that and you've got to have a plan whether you're driving in the car or in the workplace or at home" said Hall.

Paul Tucker, director of Carter County Emergency Management has helped employees by designing a personalized floor plan that includes tornadoes refuge areas for several Carter County business buildings.

"The courthouse, Annex 1, Annex 2, and Annex 3, along with the district barns" said Tucker.

He said every workplace is different and if you need help developing an emergency plan for your workplace Emergency Management would be glad to help.

Emergency officials recommend if your employer does not have an emergency plan of action, to get together with your coworkers and come up with one.

For ideas and help with coming up with your own plan visit:

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