Elderly Ardmore woman injured in fire

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ARDMORE, OK--An elderly Ardmore woman is lucky to be alive after a fire broke out at her home last night.

The fire happened just before11pm at a home located at 1001 B street southeast. Ardmore Fire chief Cary Williamson said 84 year old Vada Ellis was not responsive when they found her…

"She was unconscious and did not have a pulse and was not breathing so they pulled her out and began recitation efforts" said Williamson.

Williamson said they were notified by the smoke alarm company a representative told firefighters when they called to check on Ellis she sounded confused and said she was not at home. But the company could hear the alarm in the background so they knew something wasn't right and that Ellis was likely confused by the smoke.

"The fire was a low smoldering fire and so the carbon monoxide and the soot is likely what caused the victim to become ill" said Williamson.

Williamson said the fire was contained to the den and they believe it was started by a smoldering cigarette.

"Anytime your smoking inside the residence there's a possibility that you could have the fire off the end of the cigarette fall between furniture and that's always a dangerous thing , unfortunately in this case it's very serious" said Williamson.

Ellis was taken to mercy hospital and remains in critical condition.

"There were able to get a pulse inside the hospital so it's my understanding that she's in intensive care today" said Williamson.
There was heavy smoke damage throughout the home, estimated at 28 thousand dollars.

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